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Nationwide Parks Quiz And Trivia #36: August Notables

Steam bluffs and volcanic panorama, Hawai’i Volcanoes Nationwide Park / Rebecca Latson Each month of the 12 months has its…

By Staff , in National Parks , at August 20, 2021

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Steam bluffs and volcanic panorama, Hawai’i Volcanoes Nationwide Park / Rebecca Latson

Each month of the 12 months has its personal set of nationwide park notables. August has seen the institution not solely of Lassen Volcanic, Virgin Islands, and Hawai’i Volcanoes nationwide parks, but additionally the Nationwide Park Service and Nationwide Parks Traveler! So, this Quiz and Trivia piece is devoted to those August notables. See how a lot you realize earlier than checking the solutions on the backside.

National Parks Traveler logo

1. How lengthy has the Nationwide Parks Traveler been in existence?

              a) 10 years

              b) 12 years

              c) 17 years

              d) 20 years

Nationwide Park Service Brand / Nationwide Park Service

2. Which president signed the Nationwide Park Service into being in 1916?

              a) Woodrow Wilson

              b) William Taft

              c) Franklin Roosevelt

              d) Theodore Roosevelt

3. True or False: John Muir was the primary director of the Nationwide Park Service.

              a) True

              b) False

4. True or False: The Nationwide Park Service solely oversees nationwide parks.

              a) True

              b) False

5. True or False: Mauna Kea is a volcano inside Hawai’i Volcanoes Nationwide Park.

              a) True

              b) False

Clouds over Brokeoff Mountain, Lassen Volcanic Nationwide Park / Nationwide Park Service

6. True or False: All 4 kinds of volcanoes might be discovered at Lassen Volcanic Nationwide Park.

              a) True

              b) False

Yellow Jack, Virgin Islands Nationwide Park / NPS-Susanna Pershern

7. Of the realm comprising Virgin Islands Nationwide Park, what number of are submerged acres?

              a) 7,259 acres

              b) 5,650 acres

              c) 3, 871 acres

              d) 8,325 acres

8. Virgin Islands Nationwide Park is one among _____ nationwide parks that don’t lie inside the 50 United States.

              a) 2

              b) 3

              c) 4

              d) Virgin Islands Nationwide Park is the one nationwide park that doesn’t lie inside the 50 United States.

9. True or False: Chilly Boiling Lake in Lassen Volcanic Nationwide Park actually is boiling scorching, regardless of its identify.

              a) True

              b) False

A vibrant, crimson, ‘Ōhi‘a lehua blossom, Hawai’i Volcanoes Nationwide Park / Rebecca Latson

10. There are eight types of ʻōhiʻa lehua bushes in Hawaii, ____ of that are present in Hawai’i Volcanoes Nationwide Park.

              a) two

              b) 4

              c) six

              d) all eight


Like different nationwide parks, Virgin Islands Nationwide Park is now house to non-native, invasive species. “Many nonnative crops and animals have been launched to St. John over the historical past of human habitation. A few of these crops and animals have turn into invasive. They destroy habitat, trigger erosion, out-compete or predate native species, severely impacting or destroying native populations. Not one of the deer, goats, sheep, cows, donkeys, cats, canine, mongoose, rats, or pigs discovered on St. John in the present day are native species. Individuals introduced them right here as pets, for agriculture, or as pest management. A few of the animals arrived accidentally as stowaways in cargo delivered to the island or as pets and home animals left to run wild. Right now, these animals can severely impression native crops and animals. Mongoose are aggressive predators that feed on birds, reptiles, turtle eggs, and guests’ lunchboxes. Goats, deer, and donkeys feed on native vegetation, and so they also can unfold seeds of invasive crops. Pigs uproot crops and might be aggressive towards people.”

The snow-dusted view of Lassen Peak from the park highway, Lassen Volcanic Nationwide Park / Nationwide Park Service

You might have seen as you might be driving alongside the winding, precipitous parts of the Lassen Nationwide Park Freeway that there are not any guardrails. “This freeway is listed on the Nationwide Register of Historic Locations. As such, enhancements that alter the historic high quality can’t be made. To take care of this historic route and setting, you’ll not see any main modifications of that highway to a number of the present freeway requirements (passing lanes, emergency lanes, guard rails, and so forth) due to its historic significance and its unique objective to afford guests a scenic drive that matches into the park’s panorama.”

A vibrant crimson apapane within the ‘Ōhi‘a lehua, Hawai’i Volcanoes Nationwide Park / NPS-J. Wei

“Properly-known for its volcanic and geological significance, Hawaiʻi Volcanoes Nationwide Park can be probably the most fascinating organic landscapes on the earth. Situated greater than 2,000 miles from the closest continental land mass, the Hawaiian Archipelago is essentially the most geographically remoted group of islands on Earth. Hawaiian crops and animals started to evolve over 70 million years in the past in practically full isolation and over 90% of the native terrestrial wildlife in Hawaiʻi are discovered solely within the Hawaiian islands. This stage of endemism surpasses all different locations on Earth— even the Galapagos Islands.”

Quiz Solutions


“In August 2005, the Traveler was launched as a way to generate concepts revolving round parks, the atmosphere, and wildlife …” Which means the Traveler is embarking on its seventeenth 12 months this very month!


President Woodrow Wilson signed the act creating the Nationwide Park Service, a federal bureau within the Division of the Inside.

3b False

“Stephen Mather, a businessman who created the slogan “20 Mule Workforce” for a detergent firm, was the primary Park Service Director and performed a giant position in its enlargement. It’s a part of the Division of the Inside.”

4b False

The Nationwide Park Service oversees not solely nationwide parks, but additionally helps run nationwide monuments, nationwide historic websites, nationwide heritage areas, nationwide wild and scenic rivers, nationwide trails, and administers the Nationwide Register of Historic Locations.

5b False

Mauna Loa (pictured within the header photograph for this text) is situated inside Hawai’i Volcanoes Nationwide Park, together with Kilauea Volcano. Mauna Kea volcano is exterior of the nationwide park, however does host various observatories at its summit.

6a True

Defend (Prospect Peak), plug dome (Lassen Peak), cinder cone (Cinder Cone), and composite (Brokeoff Volcano) volcanoes are all discovered inside Lassen Volcanic Nationwide Park.


Virgin Islands Nationwide Park is comprised of seven,259 terrestrial acres and 5,650 submerged acres.


Virgin Islands Nationwide Park is one among two nationwide parks that doesn’t lie inside the 50 United States. The opposite nationwide park is Nationwide Park of American Samoa.

9b False

“Similar to the identify implies, a portion of the chilly water lake seems to be boiling. That is induced from carbon dioxide gasses escaping to the floor by the water, giving it the looks of boiling.”


“There are eight types of ʻōhiʻa, 4 of which might be present in Hawaiʻi Volcanoes Nationwide Park. Whereas the commonest coloration of their flowers is crimson, they can be varied shades of yellow and orange. The nectar in these flowers is a crucial supply of meals for some species of native birds like honeycreepers. ‘Ōhi‘a lehua are essentially the most ample of Hawaiian native bushes and maybe essentially the most iconic. Their vibrant crimson blossoms have come to represent native species. The bushes are specifically tailored to thrive in a volcanic panorama just like the island of Hawaiʻi. They’re one of many first crops to colonize new lava flows and possess stomata (pores in leaves that enable crops to breathe) that may shut up within the presence of dangerous gases, when many non-native bushes will wrestle or die again. In Native Hawaiian custom, ʻōhiʻa are closely related to the volcanic deity Pele.”


Along with the data taken from every NPS park web site, the next references have been used for this quiz and trivia piece. air/info-2016/national-parks-quiz.html#quest1

Observe: Totally different web sites could have completely different nationwide park institution dates, so, I used this NPS publication as the usual.

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